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Wood Family Tradition

Wood Family Tradition returns to the world of Bluegrass with their new album "Timeless." Featuring original material with flawless harmonies and instrumentation. Each member of the family contributes a timeless collection of new and old songs suitable for any generation. A must-have addition to your musical collection

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Freight Train

Jason Wood

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Elizabeth Cotten's "Freight Train" performed by Jason Wood instrumentally on the acoustic guitar. Jason demonstrates his heartfelt passion for this melody with his dramatic emphasis on note phrasing and timing!

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Wood Family Tradition

Wood Family Tradition

Wood Family Tradition brings you their debut album consisting of traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music at its finest!

I have been a fan of that A.L. Wood and the Smokey Ridge Boys sound as long as I can remember. Now, two of the Smoky Ridge Boys, Mike and Bobby, have joined forces with their family to create a new generation of that same wonderful music. They call themselves, Wood Family Tradition.

That name holds a lot of meaning to me. First, Wood, a name that has a legacy in NC for fine hard driving bluegrass music. Second, Family, which in my book is one of the most important factors in any type of music. And third, Tradition, which is defined as, "a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with meaning and origins in the past." Keeping A.L.’s legacy of classic bluegrass is exactly what this band is doing here.

Now to the actual recording. There are only a few cover (non original) tunes on this album, which makes me very happy. I love new material as much as new that sounds like old. I must say, it’s all here. All cuts are good featuring vocals, picking, and writing from all members. As you journey through this album, you will experience a sampling of true mountain bluegrass, powerful gospel music, age old stories of broken hearts, revenge, trains and hobos, all delivering in the family tradition. I truly hope you enjoy this album as much as I will enjoy playing it on the airwaves!

Buddy Michaels of Hometown Festival Radio WBAG/WKRX/WLHC/WLQC

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