Wood Family Tradition

About the Band

Wood Family Tradition

Family values, legacy, faith, and humor are just a few things that Wood Family Tradition brings as a newly formed family band in the bluegrass genre. Music, however, is nothing new to this family. Stemming from the legacy of hard driving, traditional, and original bluegrass music that the legendary banjoist/singer/songwriter AL Wood and his band The Smokey Ridge Boys began in the 60’s, the members of this family band were raised on a strict diet of bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music. The Wood Family released their first album in January of 2015, containing 13 tracks of solid bluegrass material, most of which written by members of the family. Also, the family keeps in touch with their friends and fans via their Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube - Wood Family Tradition. 

Mike Wood — Guitar and Vocals

Jason Wood — Mandolin and Vocals

Bobby Wood — Bass and Vocals

Mackenzie Wood — Vocals

Brian Aldridge — Banjo and Vocals